alphabetony review

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Phillip F (teacher/USA)

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the cards. My 9 year old students bent, threw, bit and slapped the cards all over the room, and none of them were damaged. Even after a few months they look good as new. I was a little worried that I would continually be ordering new cards for my classes, but I think these will last quite a while.


Jeanette LR (teacher/S. Africa)

I use this game almost everyday in my classes. It is an excellent tool for learning and practicing english. I incorporate it in many different ways into my lessons.


Denise C (teacher/Ireland)

This game I have used to teach the alphabet and then we progressed on to spelling. I started teaching 4 months ago and now the kids are spelling full sentences.

I do use more than one pack in each game.


Robert W (teacher/Canada)

Students have great fun trying to say the alphabet as quick as possible.

A recommended game for any student just starting to learn the English language, or any other language that uses the Latin alphabet.