A fun way to learn numbers 1-10 and the colours black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, red, purple, white and yellow.

Recognition, reading and spelling.

60 durable PVC cards.

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A great tool not just for teaching and learning the alphabet but for creating fun spelling games.

52 durable PVC cards.

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A fast and furious card game to test your imagination and vocabulary

Great fun for all ages, loved by teachers and students alike.

52 durable PVC cards.

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Quality products made to last a long time.

Our cards are durable and *washable.

Words are written on a grid for easy recognition.

1 year card replacement.

Customer rating 4.2/5

Customer rating 4/5

Customer rating 5/5

Only through us!

Same as above.

Now with added letters in the top left corner and each letter has now a value to make spelling games more competative and fun.

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2nd Generation

2nd Generation

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