The Importance of Playing Games


are more than just entertainment and keeping children occupied.

The correct choice of games help a child's mental, physical, emotional and social development.

                                     Games enhance mental and physical confidence.

                                                        Games develop concentration and strategy skills.


is recognised the world over as an invaluable

part of learning and growing up.

Our games are such an important part

of play that they are indispensable to

a child's development into a mature and confident adult.

                                               ✴ Playing is a social activity

                                               ✴ Playing builds happier communities.

                                               ✴ Age is of no importance.

                                               ✴ Everyone can get involved.

Why choose our games?

We have many years experience teaching asian students.

After watching carefully how the students reacted and how they treated the cards

we learnt what is important in making the cards safe and long lasting.

Most games on the market are short lived, paper cards get torn, creased, bent or too dirty to be used for their purpose.

Our card games are made of PVC so they don’t crease or fray at the edges,

they are washable should a child have grubby fingers and should give years of use.

Another problems that occur is that games often became useless

because a piece goes missing or gets damaged.

We offer a one year replacement for any card that is lost or damaged.

Letters and words are printed on lines to imitate an English note book for easy recognition, helping children to learn to write.

All our customers can join ‘Tony’s Fun Club’ for free.

Here you will find useful videos, printables and even

lesson plans for our teacher customers.

A platform for customers to interact with each other, share their experiences,

give and receive advice.

                                        ✴ Quality products made to last a long time.

                                        ✴ Our cards are durable and *washable.

                                        ✴ Words are written on a grid for easy recognition.

                                        ✴ 1 year card replacement.

                                        ✴ Free club membership.

Each game usually lasts about 30 - 40 minutes.

Although the cards were designed mainly for the study of English, they have no boundaries and can be used for any language

even as family entertainment or parents teaching children vocabulary at home.

Teachers have the possibility to make games as easy or as hard as necessary to adjust to the students ability.

Ideas and help are available on our feedback page.

We encourage criticism and suggestions from customers.

General Information

See some of our games in action here.