numberotony 1


Teach number and colour recognition and spelling.

We include instructions for three fun games but there are many more possibilities.

° number memory °  ·   ° colour memory°   ·   ° Who has it? °

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2 sets of digit cards 1-10

1 set of word cards 1-10

2 sets of colour cards (black, blue, brown, green,

orange, pink, red, purple, white, yellow).

1 set of word cards for the colours.

Total 60 cards, size - 64 x 90 mm.

Durable, washable PVC cards.

Instructions for 3 games in English and Korean.  

Card care instructions in English and Korean.

*Packed in a hard box with lid.

numberotony 1 Deluxe

Item Nr.: 002-001/08/11

ISBN: 979-11-86564-12-7

15,000 KRW

12,000 KRW