numberotony review

Read what our customers say:

Jungchul Park (teacher/Korea)

My students are very interested in that game. It’s working well.


Jeanette LR (teacher/S. Africa)

This is a good game to practice their numbers and colour.


Denise C (teacher/Ireland)

This game can be used at different levels. At the start I used the game to teach numbers and colours. As the students progressed I included spelling of the colours and numbers. This is a memory game and it is an opportunity for studentswho appeared not excel to do so. When given a choice of an activity to do the students want this game. I teach 10-13 year old kids.


Robert W (teacher/Canada)

A great way for beginners of English language to learn numbers and colours. Every set of cards features picture cards and matching word cards which help tomemorize both the words and what they represent.