what's-itony? review

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Robert W (teacher/Canada)

As a foreign teacher who moved to Korea and being completely new to everything, it made it a lot easier to use Tony’s Fun Factory games.

The What’s-itony game keeps the students thinking quickly in English and they have a lot of fun trying to use the language skills they’ve learnt so far.

The game really helps students to use adjectives and learn new ones in the progress.

Great fun for many age groups and skill levels, fast paced and lets the students be competitive.


Brandan D (teacher/S.Africa)

My gf bought a few of the sample games so I took the What’s-itony to test out on my middle-schoolers.

Their level is quite low so didn’t feel that I could try it out on my grade1s but my grade 3s loved it. They responded quite well.

I like to have “discussion/talking” classes with them so this game fits in really well as a supplement to that.


Candice S (teacher/S. Africa)

I bought the deluxe version of what’s-itony and I must say I love it. I live on an island and the kids are sweet and not yet spoiled on English.

Now, I teach multiple grades so the game works really well from 5th grade up. My intention is to get the 6th graders use of “free thinking” games so when they come to me next year as middle schoolers I can build on that.


Denise C (teacher/Ireland)

I use this game for students who have been learning English for over a year as they have developed an English vocab.

This is really good for older students. When they identify ‘something beginning with a’ they then have to spell it or describe it. I adapt all the games to fit in with the class lesson. When students have some thing in their hands their mouths work better as they become less self conscious.


Basil K (teacher/USA)

I think it’s a very good warm-up. My students enjoyed it. I used it as a warm-up for my class. I think I could develop it more by encouraging them to think of more words.


Jeanette LR (teacher/S. Africa)

This is a fun game. My students enjoy it. It’s great to get them to think about and use their vocabulary.